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Jesse Edsell-Vetter

Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership
Hoarding Intervention Coordinator
Boston, MA
Jesse Edsell-Vetter is the Hoarding Intervention Coordinator for Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership (MBHP). Since developing MBHP’s successful intervention model, he has served as a resource to Boston-area legislators, government, human service agencies and organizations, educational institutions, and social service providers. He also provides training, technical assistance and advocacy at the local, state and national levels. Mr. Edsell-Vetter serves on committees, boards and commissions, including the Massachusetts Steering Committee on Compulsive Hoarding. MBHP was awarded a multi-year grant from the Oak Foundation to expand their hoarding related training, technical assistance and case management. He co-authored MBHP's report, Rethinking Hoarding Intervention: MBHP’s Analysis of the Hoarding Intervention and Tenancy Preservation Project.

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