Christopher Mogan, PhD

Dr Christopher Mogan PhD is the Director of The Anxiety Clinic in Melbourne, specializing in complex presentations of Anxiety, OCD, Hoarding Disorders. Formerly Clinical Director of the CBT-based Anxiety and Depression Program at The Melbourne Clinic, he developed innovative CBT treatment interventions for an inpatient psychiatric population. Dr Mogan is a Research Fellow at Swinburne University where he conducts research and treatment programs for Hoarding Disorder. The Anxiety Clinic has an Intensive Outpatient Treatment called the XRP Program that implements prolonged exposure strategies. He is part of a group of Melbourne researchers who published research papers on OCD, hoarding, depression and anxiety. In 2014, Dr Mogan was the lead author of the book "˜Overcoming Anxiety FD' (Wiley, 2014) in the Dummies list of publications.

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