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Chris Trondsen

The Gateway Institute
Behavioral Therapist
Costa Mesa, CA
Chris Trondsen was diagnosed with OCD when he was 20 years old but suffered years before that.  Contamination OCD as well as Checking OCD were the main types of OCD he suffered with.  He received treatment at starting at age 20 at The OCD Center of Los Angeles under Tom Corboy and Karen Pickett and after 14 months of behavioral treatment, he was able to leave therapy and finish controlling his OCD on his own.  Now, 9 years later, he has had almost no problems with his OCD and is able to live an almost OCD-free and successful life using the tools he learned in OCD Treatment. After receiving treatment, Chris decided that helping others with OCD would become his life's work.  He became part of the IOCDF's Speakers Bureau, speaking on the topic of OCD to Fox San Diego, The Montel Williams Show, Dr. Drew, The Orange County Register and more as well as public speaking appearances nationally.  Chris currently helps facilitate three weekly support groups at The Gateway Institute where he works while studying at Cal State Long Beach to become a MFT, focusing on the treatment of OCD. Chris Trondsen helped start the Young Adults track at the IOCDF annual conference and spends his time at the conference encouraging other young adults to become OCD advocates in their area.

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