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Kate Brett is a Philadelphia resident who suffered with OCD for many painful years before discovering the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety in August of 2011. She entered an EXRP Treatment study with severe OCD  and, 17 sessions later, ended the study with minimal symptoms. Since her successful treatment, she has dedicated much time and energy to helping other sufferers in the hopes that she can remove some of the shame and isolation that are part and parcel of the disorder, and to educate people on the many manifestations of OCD. To that end, she has spoken at a number of CTSA workshops and classes as well as participated in interviews with the media. In addition, she worked with CTSA psychologists to form a successful patient-facilitated, doctor-overseen support group which meets once monthly with about 15 to 30 individuals in various stages of EXRP treatment. She has never missed a meeting and often facilitates the group. If there is an opportunity to teach people about OCD, Kate will always show up. 

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